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The law firm of Foster & Klinkbeil, P.A. provides result oriented legal representation, drawing on the experience of Mr. Foster and Mr. Klinkbeil in handling cases involving creditor rights, commercial litigation, collections, bankruptcy and real estate. Mr. Klinkbeil also can assist you with any personal injury case. The firm strives to provide competent and timely representation whether pre-suit or in multi-party complex litigation.

Foster & Klinkbeil, P.A. maintains a diverse client list and provides the same high level of service to all, whether a sole proprietor or multi-national lending institution. Moreover, we pride ourselves on our ability to sustain a high volume caseload without sacrificing on service. Foster & Klinkbeil is able to do this because of the experience of its attorneys, who have a proven record of success, and through the training and retention of a knowledgeable, friendly and experienced staff.

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Over Six Decades of Commercial Litigation Experience

…including construction liens, contract disputes, secured collateral interests, business torts, promissory notes, equity lines, mortgage foreclosure, and finance leases.

Practice Areas

  • Creditor Rights / Collections

    Foster & Klinkbeil, P.A. provides a comprehensive legal practice buttressed on the experience and skills of its attorneys, focusing on litigation.

    Read more about Creditor Rights at Foster & Klinkbeil, P.A.

  • Banking Litigation - Legal Action Recovery

    Representing lending institutions seeking replevin of collateral demands an aggressive and experienced attorney. With proven success, Foster & Klinkbeil, P.A. litigates statewide for lenders seeking replevin on behalf of large national and international banks, commercial credit companies and commercial leasing companies.

    Read more about Banking Litigation at Foster & Klinkbeil, P.A.

  • Business Law and Commercial Litigation

    Florida Statutes provide generous remedies to companies, repair shops/garages or towing companies in recouping lien(s) for storage or repair liens, and, if not properly addressed by a title lien holder, results in the “stripping of the lien” and a windfall to the repair shop/garage or towing company.

    Read more about Business Law and Commercial Litigation at Foster & Klinkbeil, P.A.

  • Bankruptcy - Creditor

    Foster & Klinkbeil represents creditors in bankruptcy matters to protect their collateral and secured interests. We file proofs of claim, motions for relief from stay, motions to assume or reject leases, valuation of collateral, review and object, if necessary, to the debtors reorganization plans, and to file objections to discharge, as appropriate.

    Read more about Bankruptcy - Creditor at Foster & Klinkbeil, P.A.

  • Real Estate and Commercial Landlord/Tenant Law

    Foster & Klinkbeil have extensive experience in real estate matters, including representation of commercial landlords in lease and tenant disputes involving a wide range of issues, including lease interpretations, lease renewal and defaults, CAM disputes, exclusive use matters, and breach of lease issues.

    Read more about Real Estate and Commercial Landlord/Tenant Law at Foster & Klinkbeil, P.A.

  • Mortgage Foreclosure

    Foster & Klinkbeil has acted as Plaintiff’s attorney for a number of banks and credit unions in foreclosure of mortgages. We have extensive experience in the litigation of defendant’s asserted claims and defenses in successful foreclosures for our clients.

    Read more about Mortgage Foreclosures at Foster & Klinkbeil, P.A.

  • Personal Injury

    Everyone deals with pain in their own manner. Having been involved in four (4) rear-end collisions, Mr. Klinkbeil has unique insight with which to assist our clients in evaluating their personal injury claim. We offer a free consultation, giving our clients an opportunity to discuss their case and for us to provide guidance in pursuing their claim.

    Read more about Personal Injury at Foster & Klinkbeil, P.A.

Tompkins Foster

Attorney at Law

Mr. Foster attended Duke University School of Law. He has thirty-eight (38) years of experience in foreclosures, replevins, collections, creditor bankruptcy and civil litigation, and has held a legal position in a civil trial law firm since his admission to the Bar.

Orlando, FL

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Wayne E. Klinkbeil

Attorney at Law

Mr. Klinkbeil is a trial lawyer focusing his practice on civil litigation, including personal injury. During his career, Mr. Klinkbeil has tried more than seventy (70) jury trials and more than one hundred (100) civil cases.

Orlando, FL

Creditor Rights/Collections

Banking Litigation – Legal Action Recovery

Business Law and Commercial Litigation

Bankruptcy- Creditor

Real Estate and Commercial Landlord/Tenant Law

Personal Injury